Get card issuer information

Get card issuer is important in installments because the allowed installments are related to the card issuer.

Request parameters
merchant: required
merchant name which you created in your Payfull account.

type: required
Transaction type should be Get.

get_param: required
The name of the parameter you like to get, so it should be Issuer.

bin: required
First 6 digits of the card number.

language: required
Response message language can be en / tr

client_ip: required
The client IP who uses the application which sends the request to the API.

hash: required
Generated hash code on the caller side

To generate the hash code please follow the steps below:
  • - Arrange the parameters alphabetically from A to Z
  • - Create a parameters string which has the length for each parameters with its value side by side
  • - Create the sha256 hash code from the parameters string and pass the merchant password as Shared secret key
  • - Add the hash code to the request parameters

Sample request

merchant: merchant name
type: Get
get_param: Issuer
bin: 435508
language: tr
hash: 14339MjuG01015018

Sample Response

"issuer":"AKBANK T.A.S.",

PHP Example