Say Goodbye to Mail Order Forms

Don't risk your business and your customers! Process sensitive card data in accordance with the BDDK draft communiqué and easily collect payments.

 Reduce your risk of Chargeback

 Get rid of pos slips and other paper mess

Compliant with KVKK and BDDK standards

B2C Tahsilat Sistemi Mail order

Don't Worry About Collecting Easily Manage Your Cash Flow

Automate all processes from the collection of your payments to the accounting system.

Payment link with SMS and E-Mail

Personalized reminder messages

Real-time synchronization with accounting systems

b2c tahsilat sistemi

Advance Reporting

Easily manage all your cash flow from a single panel.

User-Friendly Admin Panel

You can easily manage your entire collection process from a single panel without the need for technical information.

Detailed Filtering

You can easily access the report you want with different filtering options and download to your computer in excel format.

Process Details

You can view all details of the transaction and history movements, download the receipts as pdf or print them..

All The Features You Need Here

SMS Email icon

Collection by SMS and E-Mail

Invoice your clients via E-Mail or/ SMS, no need to ask card information from them any more.
  Tekrarlayan ödeme

Recurring Payments

Using payfull interfaces, you can create recurring payment orders at specified periods. 
Ödeme Kalemi

Payment Item

You can define your products or services and easily share them on your collection page or social media.
Kayıtlı kartla tek tıkla ödeme

One-Click Payment

Your customers can easily pay over their stored cards without repeatedly entering their card details. 

Bin Kontrol

BIN Control - POS Routing

The bank to which the card is connected is determined and the payments are directed to the virtual POS to which the card is connected.

Kolay Entegrasyon


You can easily integrate into Accounting / ERP systems and other 3rd party software.

Other Products

Meet Payfull's other solutions to simplify your collection processes.
Payfull Bayi tahsilat sistemi ico

Dealer Collection System

Thanks to Payfull, your dealers can receive payments via credit card. Your dealers can send their current payments to you collecting via their customers' or sub-dealers' credit cards.
Banka Hesap Hareketleri Entegrasyonu

Bank Account Transactions Integration

Manage and track all your bank accounts in real time on a single platform.
özel çözümler ve api

Custom Solution and API

Easily develop your own application with our advanced API service, or let us develop it for you.

Our Happy Customers

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