Collect without using Mail Order Form

With the classical mail order, it is possible to process the card information received from the customer in the collection method by touching the POS device. In order to be able to collect by mail order, customer card information must be written and approved. From time to time, customers may be hesitant to share card information. In this case, physical POS devices may need to be delivered to the customer. The card information stored in the physical environment is always vulnerable to abuse. In the event of an abuse that may occur, your company may incur irretrievable bills. Especially about reputation.

Payfull offers card collection solutions to your company as all banks and payment institutions integrate into virtual POSs. Your customer or paying customers who visit your customized payment page (eg will pay directly on your virtual postage and your payments will be transferred to your account. You do not have to share any card information. You can integrate your POS in one click system and you can start to get paid immediately. If you do not have a POS, do not worry, you can get virtual POS from our solution partners.

Advantages of Payfull

  • Accelerates and secures your collections,
  • It is structured according to different needs and business models to provide a flexible usage area,
  • It helps if you keep your cash flow under control,
  • Payment via SMS / Mail may be requested,
  • You can integrate with all Banks and payment providers,
  • Thanks to its secure and technological infrastructure, transactions are carried out under PCI-DSS standards,
  • With 3D Secure Infrastructure, you can verify your passwords with one-time passwords.

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