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More Value Added

All V-POS in One Screen

Manage all V-POS from a one screen, easily you can submit return, cancellation, pre-provision and other operations.

Card Storage / Tokenization

Store your customers' credit cards in accordance with PCI DSS Level 1 standards. Minimize your responsibilities.

Fraud Control

You can block suspicious transactions by using the filters we have created for you or by creating your own fraud scenarios.

Smart Routing

Incoming payments are routed to your virtual POS' according to the rules and priorities you set.

Recurring Payments

Receive regular payments during specified periods and reduce your unsuccessful payments with the SmartTry © algorithm.


With PCI-DSS Level1 data security certification, both your business and your customers are always safe.

Other Products

Meet Payfull's other solutions to simplify your collection processes.
Bayi Tahsilat Sistemi ico

Dealer Collection System

Thanks to Payfull, your dealers can receive payments via credit card. Your dealers can send their current payments to you collecting via their customers' or sub-dealers' credit cards.
B2C Tahsilat Sistemi

B2C Collection System

You can easily make your collections thanks to our collection system, which can be adapted to different business models.
Banka Hesap Hareketleri Entegrasyonu

Bank Account Transactions Integration

Manage and track all your bank accounts in real time on a single platform.

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