Alternative Payment Methos for Mail Order, Check and Voucher

Say goodbye to risky and cumbersome methods! Let your dealers collect their payments quickly and securely from their customers' credit cards to make your payments to you.

Create a 24/7 active collection channel

Get rid of POS device costs and problems

Say goodbye to mail order forms

Çek Senet işlemlerine alternatif güvenli tahsilat sistemi

Reduce Your Workload with Accounting Integration

Do not waste time by manually processing your collections to the Accounting / ERP systems. Thanks to Payfull, payments are automatically processed into your dealers' current accounts.

Value based reporting / Reconciliation

Your dealers can view the current account statements

Collections are processed automatically.

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All the features you need and more at Payfull


Dealer Collection Portal

Your dealers can see their current movements and make payments after logging into the portal with their passwords.
subdealer payments

Collection From Sub-Dealers

You can create a chain collection flow by associating your dealers with their sub-dealers and sub-dealers with their customers.

Collection by SMS and E-Mail

Your dealers can receive payments by SMS or E-Mail without requesting credit card information from their customers.

On-Site Collection

You can make your collections through the Payfull mobile application without having to carry a physical pos device.
managing dealers

Dealer Grouping

You can specify different commission rate and number of installments according to your dealers, and you can also choose the virtual POS where the payment will be made.
details reports

Advanced Reporting

You can easily track your cash flow and report on a single screen for your dealers and sub-dealers.

Receive your payments through a user-friendly and secure system.

Payfull has a user-friendly interface. You can use it easily without any technical knowledge. Moreover, Payfull meets the PCI DSS payment security criteria.

Other Products

Meet Payfull's other solutions to simplify your collection processes.
B2C Tahsilat Sistemi

B2C Collection System

You can easily make your collections thanks to our collection system, which can be adapted to different business models.
Banka Hesap Hareketleri entegrasyonu

Bank Account Transactions Integration

Manage and track all your bank accounts in real time on a single platform.
Özel Çözümler ve api

Custom Solution and API

Easily develop your own application with our advanced API service, or let us develop it for you.

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