What is Payfull?

Payfull; is a collection software that allows you to receive online payments from your customers, their subcontractors, and your customers online via the Internet. Please click for sample.

Is Payfull a payment provider?

No. It is not a payment provider like Payfull, Iyzico, Hepsipay, Payu. Payfull is a software and interface that works in front of your Virtual POSs that you have.

 Is my payments going to my Payfull account?

 No. All transactions through Payfull pass directly to your bank account. Payfull does not make any accounting.

How does collection by SMS and Email take place?

You only need to determine the amount your customers have to pay and provide them with a link. Your customer can pay by credit card from mobile or PC by clicking on the link that reaches to him.

Which bank do you support Virtual POS infrastructures?

We support the infrastructure of all banks offering virtual POS service in Turkey. You can use your preferred bank and payment provider.

How long does the Virtual POS Integration take place?

Your Virtual POS will be activated within minutes after you have communicated your Virtual POS documentation and API information that your bank has given you.

Who can use Payfull?

It is ideal for companies that use the classic mail order method, especially for those who pay from their customers / customers. Other than this, all businesses accepting credit cards may be our customers.

Who can benefit from card storage?

Sectors such as insurance, tourism, car hire, which are mainly working on mail order and card custody services, can benefit from this service. By means of the communiqué published by DDK, card information is included in "sensitive data" and physical storage will be prohibited. For this reason, it is important for the related sectors to pass the online collection order by mail order.

( - Article 10)