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Mobile Payment

Payfull is one of the payment systems solutions that have developed mobile With Virtual POS, you can collect your mobile payments simply through smartphones and tablets.

How Mobile Virtual Pos System Works

  •     Enter the purchase price on the application screen,
  •     Ensure that the customer credit card information is swiped or entered manually on the screen,
  •     If 3D Secure is active, enter the 3D Secure code and get the client's signature,
  •     Payment will be made in the next few seconds and the customer will be informed via Mail & SMS.

Mobile Virtual Positions

  •     When you collect your payments you are offered an alternative,
  •     It enables you to easily perform sales performance, movements, money withdrawals and cancellations,
  •     By providing you with SMS & Mail to customers in your location, you can easily get paid with Mobile Virtual POS,
  •     By attaching a magnetic card reader (Swipe) device to the headphone jack of your phone, you can quickly get credit card information,
  •     You will be able to make installments or one-time collections on your payments,
  •     The PCI-DSS infrastructure allows you to collect your payments safely.