About Online Collection Systems

At the beginning of the most important financial problems of the companies, it is not possible to make regular collections. These situations make it difficult for many companies, as well as cash flow. Especially companies with high volume cash flow feel these troubles closely. Together with the traditional models developed to solve these troubles, the functionality and efficiency of these models has come to the point of debate with the development of technology.

By going beyond conventional methods and presenting it to your online collection customers and dealers, you will have a different collection channel. Unlike physical pos, cash or check collections, you can charge your online collection at any time without losing your time limit. Online collection is quicker not only in terms of payment but also in reaching your customers. It is enough that your customer is only connected to the internete to pay. It also provides the advantage of easy payment because they will be able to use the online collection system against the firms that have difficulty in payment and they will be able to make installments from any card they want.

 As of December-2016, there are 58.7 Mio credit cards in our country and a monthly transaction amounting to TL 52.4 billion is realized. Parallel to this, the importance of collecting credit cards in business life is increasing day by day. In all these payments, customers can avoid potential abuses by using the 3DSecure authentication method.

Payfull infrastructure using virtual POS that all banks and payment service providers in Turkey (Pau, İyzico, Hepsipay, MOKA, Payten) may be integrated into a single virtual POS and click to begin receiving payments immediately.