Service Contract Terms of Use

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By agreeing to the terms of use of the services offered on this website, you agree to the terms of this agreement as a member of my site or in the course of using our services. reserves the right to amend, remove and update at any time, without prior notice, the features and conditions of use in the services available on the web site.

Payfull service channels, mobile site, mobile applications, transactions via SMS, payment pages / screens, other alternative channels or channels belonging to Payfull member merchants as a member of Payfull and / you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understand the following terms of use, understand the content and its provisions.

Payfull reserves the right to amend the Service Agreement ("Agreement") at any time, to cancel existing provisions, to add new provisions or to add innovations to services referred to in the contract, to partially or totally replace or discontinue existing services, to access or use the user's membership to temporarily or permanently suspend / cancel without specifying. New versions that will occur after the possible changes to the agreement will be announced and approved by the user through the Service Channels, on the website or via the contact information recorded in Payfull. Users who are members of Payfull and / or use Payfull Services and Service Channels are deemed to have accepted and approved the current Terms of Service Agreement.

Payment infrastructure service provided by Payfull, Payment Service and Securities Reconciliation Systems No. 6493, Payment Services and Payment Services as defined in the Law on Electronic Money Organizations. Payment at any stage of the transaction does not go into Payfull accounts. The payment is transferred to the member business through Virtual POSs belonging to the member business.


Payfull membership and user accounts are personality specific. It can not be transferred and used to others. It is the user's responsibility to ensure the privacy and protection of these memberships and accounts.

Payfull Services can be accessed by accessing membership accounts during the transaction and / or integrated with the membership system of the member business accessing the account so that it can vary according to the nature and structure of the service, and also without requiring a Payfull member business entry and / the system is provided with the use of the user information stored on the user's own account without having to re-login. These accesses or transactions can be made without Payfull encrypted / unencrypted, one-time SMS confirmation code or with different member merchant / credit card / bank etc. with or without associated validation and security tools. All rights and authorizations relating to the determination, amendment or cancellation of the rules and practices in this respect shall belong to Payfull. Users shall not be liable to Payfull for any objection, complaint or claim due to these rules and practices, and shall not hold Payfull liable for the negligence and damages which it considers to be originating from these applications.

For Payfull users, personal account (s) are created in Payfull systems. Registration of all user personal information, payment and user / membership transactions and transaction records are within this account (s). These accounts may be used by the user based on the characteristics of the Service and / or Service Channel used, such as the user's mobile phone and / or e-mail address and / The unique identifier is based on unique information. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that their mobile phone, e-mail and personal information entered in their Service Channels are not used by others, accessed by others, and secured and secured for their accountability and security.

The user may use the mobile phone line, SIM card, e-mail address, credit cards, mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc. that the Payfull Services use to access and / or store personal information associated with his / terminate, temporarily or permanently disable the use of devices (such as browsers, websites, applications, messaging records, access information, etc. that have been opened / uploaded / logged in so that personal information stored in the Service Channels and Payfull infrastructure can be accessed) to delete the associated Payfull account and / or registered credit card and other personal information from the systems, provided that it is provided for personal use, has been remotely accessed for a variety of reasons, and can be controlled, managed or viewed by someone else temporarily / permanently for any reason; he is entirely responsible for the negative situations that may arise.

Payfull users, while taking advantage of Payfull Services and Service Channels out of service while the Republic of Turkey is obliged to comply with all applicable laws. Users can not perform any act that is criminalized against the law by using Payfull Services and Service Channels, and can not violate the law and general morality. In case of committing crime and illegal acts in Service Channels, the responsibility belongs to User. Payfull and member merchants can not be held responsible for disputes arising from the exclusive acts of persons.